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Microplastics In My Water?! Oh No!

The Dangers of Microplastics and How IonThrive Can Filter Them Out

Microplastic in water

Do you drink bottled water, or even tap water?

If so, it's very likely that you're consuming microplastics, which are plastic particles so small that they can penetrate organ walls. Some can even infiltrate the cells themselves. The chemicals present in plastic are still largely unknown, which is scary by itself, but the most concerning and well-researched molecules found in plastics are endocrine disrupter chemicals (or EDCs).

Several hundred studies show that EDCs pose a very real hazard to reproductive and developmental health. According to Bruce Fellman of Yale University, the compounds of plastic have also been linked to "obesity, type 2 diabetes, allergies and neurological problems, like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder." As we now know, plastics enter our body predominantly through food and drink. For example, most commercially produced water bottles contain Byphenol-A, better known as BPA.

But how do these microplastics get in our drinking water?

There are several sources, but it may surprise you that clothes are a significant player in microplastic contamination. For every washing cycle, about 700,000 microscopic fibers are released into our environment, affecting wildlife and the ultimate quality of our drinking water. Most of us know that tap water can be hazardous, but even bottled water isn't safe. No commercial water treatment system can truly remove 100% of microplastics. Not a single company was free of microplastics according to a study of 11 brands worldwide conducted by Orb Media. They found that the United States has the highest concentration of microplastics in their bottled water.

What can you do about this?

Proper water filtration from IonThrive machines can spare you from the dangers of plastic in your drinking water. In your very own home, you could be producing healthier, cleaner water at a reduced cost. Compare that to spending hundreds each year on bottled water on top of paying for contaminated tap water.

Why IonThrive?

The IonThrive system is used throughout Japan and Korea in their hospitals, schools and homes, and they are both ranked among the healthiest countries in the world. These machines use a powerful 13-stage dual filtration system to purge your tap water of microplastics, along with toxic chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria and viruses. In fact, while commercially filtered water can contain particles up to 2.5 μm in size, IonThrive machines filter out up to 0.1 μm, which is smaller than particles of smoke. Of course, that is not the only thing these machines do. They also re-mineralize purified water using sediments to keep the mineral benefits of non-purified water, they negatively charge water molecules to encourage a natural detoxification process in the body, and they produce the smallest water molecules on the market to allow for more efficient hydration.

Interested in learning more about these amazing machines?

Check out and purchase yours today! It may very well change your life!


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